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ATMIA Global Industry Security Award Winner

On the 12th June 2018 ATM SAFE won the prestigious ATMIA Global Industry Security Award for ATM Physical Security Excellence with our GP-X product. The Gas Protection X (GP-X) product targets a growing category of physical threat to ATMs, with gas easier to obtain by criminals than explosives. The product has achieved success in multiple markets, including leading high street banks. In addition, GP-X seeks to prevent human injury arising from these attacks.



“As CEO of the worldwide ATM Industry Association, I would like to congratulate Safe & Vault Company for successfully bringing the innovative Gas Protection X (GP-X) product to market. It takes years of investment and dedication to go from R & D, to prototype and then to make an impact in an competitive market. The judges were very impressed with how GP-X directly combats the growing global threat of ATM gas attacks, protecting ATMs, cash, property and, most importantly of all, the cardholders using ATMs. Brilliant!” Mike Lee – CEO ATMIA.