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UK Supreme Court ruling is a boost to the ATM industry

ATM Safe is pleased to hear the UK Supreme Court has ruled that ATM facilities are to be no longer assessed separately for business rates. This will give a boost to the UK ATM industry.

It brings a long-standing dispute to an end. With the ruling applying to ATM machines both inside and outside of stores.

Large corporations including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Co-op and Cardtronics fought a successful appeal. UK retailers are now looking to recover £300 million. Paid in business rates on ATM sites since 2010.

Support for the high street and rural communities

This is a welcome boost to the high street given the struggle it has experienced to survive in recent years.

Had the appeal failed rural communities would have seen access to cash diminish. Which, is where it is most needed.

All the companies that took part in the appeal feel that given the current climate. More now than ever the right decision was upheld by the Court.

Read more on the Moneyage website about the ruling.


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