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ATM Gas Attack Protection GPX Featured on BBC Crimewatch

ATM SAFE is proud to support the RAID IT, REGRET IT! the Secure ATM initiative from Cardtronics UK featured on the BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow Live, aired on the 11th September 2019.

ATM Companies deploy the latest security technologies to protect against cash machine crime.

The Secure ATM programme in collaboration with the Police has been exceptionally effective in tracking down and catching criminals who attack ATM’s. There has been over 200 arrests already this year.

GPX ATM Gas Attack Protection

As demonstrated and tested by an Independent MOD test facility, the GPX ATM gas attack protection system is the worlds most advanced and successful system used to stop the ATM gas attack, saving life, devastation, fire and theft!

Picking up awards from IFSEC and FIREX in 2015 and also proudly acknowledged by the ATM industry itself by winning the prestigious ATMIA Global Industry Security Award for ATM Physical Security Excellence in London 2018.

Designed and manufactured here in the UK by our very own team of innovative design and build engineers, the ATM SAFE companies products are proving to be world class leaders in our field. ATM SAFE is part of the Safe & Vault Group.


Running under the campaign headline of “Raid it. Regret it.”, Cardtronics’ Secure ATM initiative is the largest single investment in ATM security in the UK. ATMs that carry the ‘Secure ATM’ brand are fitted with the latest technology designed to track down and convict ATM criminals. Secure ATM protects Cashzone, Bank Machine, DC Payments and Omnicash machines with some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

The industry is working hard to put the message out that ATM Crime does not pay!