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GPX System Foils Gas Attack to Keep Community Safe

With lockdown 3.0 continuing to keep people in their homes. We are pleased to report on a foiled gas attack on an ATM.

Our GPX system responded to the attempted use of gas to blow up the ATM. This would most certainly have resulted in significant damage to a local shop and adjoining homes.

Putting a local community under strain from the temporary closure of a convenience store. While also meaning people would have been put at risk from injury. The foiled attack also meant there was no loss of cash to the criminals.

With the ATM only out of action for a short period while repairs and checks were carried out. The GPX system prevented a longer period of 6 weeks without cash for the community.

How does the GPX System Work?

ATM Safe has developed the GPX system to covertly monitor when gas is used to attack an ATM. This is done by the use of sophisticated sensors. Once the system detects an attack it will automatically neutralise it.

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