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Anti Cut Weights

The ACW’s are designed to add an additional 60+ kg each of weight to the ATM. This helps especially in locations the ATM’s cannot be bolted down or have poor fixings. With 4 installed it will increase the ATM weight by over 240kg.

The ACW’s are 100mm deep filled with a standard composite which also provides great protection against grinder/drill and Oxy attacks to the safe body, that can be installed to the safe sides or rear of the ATM.

Creating additional weight and overall foortprint reduces the risk of the ATM internal lobby machine from being removed. They are are also suitable for side mounting on the TTW machine.

Key Features

  • Low Cost
  • Retro Installation Or During New ATM Installation
  • Physical attack protection
  • Pull Out Protection
  • Re-deployable
  • One model fits all
  • Service partner installation available
  • ATMIA, IFSEC & FIREX Product Design Award Winners
  • Design and manufactured in the UK
  • Intellectual Property Office Design Registration Certificates 5002858

Awards & Accreditations