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Total protection against fascia black box and jack potting Attacks on your ATM's

ATM Anti Tamper Fascia System

ATFS – Anti Tamper Fascia System

Black box attacks on ATM’s are a form of logical attack. To perform these ‘cash-out’ or ‘jackpotting’ attacks the criminals connect an unauthorised device (typically an unknown box or laptop) to an ATM.

The ATFS is a simple, effective and secure way to overcome ATM compromise and safe guard against Black box and skimming attacks!

  • Simple = Shuts down power to the ATM immediately, when the ATM is tampered with.
  • Effective = Instant notification as the power to the ATM has been shut down.
  • Secure = Developed with built in Anti-tamper and securely installed within the ATM SAFE.

The Anti  Tamper Fascia System is designed, tested and manufactured by our own British engineering team.

Can be installed in all makes and models of ATM Safes.

Key Features

  • Detect the attack and then shuts down the ATM
  • ATM monitoring can see the ATM is powered down
  • Black Box Protection
  • Fascia Tamper Protection
  • Skimming Device Protection
  • Detailed images not shown to protect our ATM and Banking customers
  • ATMIA, IFSEC & FIREX Product Design Award Winners
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Intellectual Property Office Design Registration Certificate 6036709





Awards & Accreditations