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Real time ATM GPS Tracking Solution protects both ATM and Cassette Assets

ATM GPS Tracker Alarm System

Monitor your ATM and cassette assets in real time.

Track assets with a precise location through an app that is installed on your phone or laptop. Cloud based servers allows live 24/7 monitoring.

Advanced technology monitors key environmental changes including power interruption, temperature and vibration.

Simple installation process with mains power and battery back up.

Listen in and record criminals in real time with simultaneous location tracking made possible by our advancements in technology.

Can be installed in all makes and models of ATM Safes.

Key Features

  • Real time tracking of ATMS and cassettes
  • Live, accurate location details
  • Record and listen to criminals while tracking is in progress
  • Anti-jamming technology – signal block is futile
  • Covert solution
  • Simple to install
  • Weather sealed
  • Mains powered with battery back up solution
  • Connects with our award winning GPX gas attack solution





Awards & Accreditations