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The E-FRAME Protects Against Physical ATM Attacks



The e-FRAME upgrade protects against many of the recent attacks by adding a 60mm steel/composite barrier in key locations of the safe door.

Helping by adding a physical security barrier to protect against Full door cut, Oxy attack and grinder attacks below the Cencon lock. As well as protecting the safe door and lock, it is designed to protect re-locker locations.

Designed, tested and hand built in the United Kingdom and filled with our own attack resistant chemical composite mix by our own engineers.

Key Features

  • Physical Attack Protection
  • Retro Installation Or During New ATM Installation
  • Manufacturing in the United Kingdom through innovation and investment in British engineering.
  • Proven Asset protection
  • ATMIA, IFSEC & FIREX Product Design Award Winners
  • Intellectual Property Office Design Registration Certificate 5002851

Awards & Accreditations