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HALO the ATM Safe Armour Protection

Halo ATM Safe Armour

HALO – The Ultimate ATM Armoured Enclosure!

The HALO offers a unique 360 ATM armour protection against cutting, Oxy, drill and pull out physical attacks. The complete ATM protection system for all internal lobby ATM’s.

The HALO is designed to add a complete protection and attack time delay. The system adds an additional 300+ kg of weight to an ATM and possibly the best solution where an ATM cannot be bolted to the floor.

With CEN 5 sized armoured side walls (filled with our own attack resistant chemical composite mix, Steel filings, re-bar & strategically placed anti-cut materials) the sides offer the ultimate protection against grinder/drill and Oxy attacks to the safe body.

The safe door can be protected with our ACP or L-ACP (we highly recommend backing up the door protection with our re-locking Pluslocks) and the floor is protected with a thick solid steel base and the ATM is connected to the safe internall using high tensile bolts.

The back of the ATM is protected with our unique laser cut WING SPAN solid steel back plate offering rear attack protection with an additional. The ATM is resined into the floor for additional Ram protection. The WING SPAN of the HALO is also designed to make moving and loading the ATM very difficult indeed!

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Key Features

  • Physical Attack Protection
  • Lasso Pull Out Protection
  • Ram Raid Protection
  • Increases ATM Size and Weight
  • Multiple Anchoring Positions
  • Paint Finish to Corparate Branding RAL Colours Available
  • Retro Installation Or During New ATM Installation
  • ATMIA, IFSEC & FIREX Product Design Award Winners
  • Manufacturing in the United Kingdom through innovation and investment in British engineering.
  • Intellectual Property Office Design Registration Certificates 6036708

Awards & Accreditations