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Pluslocks ATM Safe Relocking


Re-locking device (RLD) is an auxiliary locking device intended to be activated during an attempted burglary of a safe or vault.

Such a device will keep a safe or vault locked even if the primary lock is defeated.

This independent mechanism is designed to maintain the locked state of a safe even if the lock itself is destroyed.

Our PLUSLOCKs provide auxiliary and active re-locking safe protection.

Developed, designed and deployed for over 18 years protecting banks and ATM companies against drilling, grinder and Oxy physical attacks.

Manufacturing in the United Kingdom through innovation and investment in British engineering.

Key Features

  • High Quality CNC Engineering
  • Cost Effective
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Physical ATM Attack protection
  • Grinder, Oxy Torch and Drill protection
  • Fits All ATM models
  • Fast installation
  • Perfect for bringing UL Safes up to a higher standard
  • Retro or factory fit
  • Detailed images not shown to protect our ATM and Banking customers
  • ATMIA, IFSEC & FIREX Product Design Award Winners
  • Intellectual Property Office Design Registration Certificates 5002859, 5002860, 5002861, 5002862 & 6036712


Plus Lock 1 – Active secondary safe lock

Plus Lock 2 – Mountable relocker safe lock

Plus Lock 3 – Our new innovative bolt work operated locking system, providing new vertical top and bottom locking positions.

Bespoke Plus Lock – Safe relocking systems can be custom designed and manufactured to meet the customers exact protection requirements for all ATM makes and models.



ATM Safe Brochure


ATM Safe Brochure

Awards & Accreditations