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ATM Theft prevented by our Strongarm Anchor System

Our innovative Strongarm Anchor System prevented thieves from getting away with any cash from an ATM in Lincolnshire – May 2021.

Despite the use of heavy machinery stolen from a local farm the ATM was prevented from being removed from the shop.

Why choose our ATM Safe products?

To keep ahead of the organised criminal gangs, we have to be innovative with our product development. Our Strongarm Anchor System is one of those products we are proud to say that give little away to criminals. Yet it packs a punch to prevent them in their attempts to ram raid an ATM to steal cash.

This solution is designed as a low cost option and in a compact size. It can be easily installed on site. While we can also provide a protection shield that gives an extra level of security. The shield also helps prevent a health and safety trip.

Contact our friendly sales team for more information on this product and other products that help prevent cash loss.