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ATM Gas Attack Protection with real time GPS Tracking of ATM assets

ATM Gas Protection and GPS Tracker

The GP-X ATM Gas Protection system has been developed as the very best solution to make your ATM assets safe against explosions, fire and cash loss.

Fully tested at a UK MoD accredited independent test house for the test and evaluation of weapons, ordnance, munitions and explosives (WOME).

Read more on about the GPX ATM Gas Protection Solution here.

Combining the GPX with our ATM GPS tracker solution will help you to keep one step ahead of the criminals who target ATM’s.

Key features of our GPX and GPS tracker system:

  • Covert solution
  • Easy to install and can be installed on all makes and models of ATM
  • Real time monitoring with key environmental changes monitored including power interruption, vibration and temperature
  • Fastest gas detection available
  • Instant alarm activation
  • Explosion protection
  • Fire protection
  • Indefinite gas attack protection
  • Trusted solution by UK Banks

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Key Features

  • Protect communities against damage to property and shops
  • Track ATM and cassette assets in real time
  • Covert solution
  • Can be installed in all makes and models of ATM
  • Award winning gas protection system
  • Advanced technology with cloud based servers

Awards & Accreditations